Phalcon Framework Resources


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    High performance, full-stack PHP framework delivered as a C extension.
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    phalcon devtools
    Phalcon Developer Tools
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    PHP Profiler & Developer Toolbar (built for Phalcon)

  • phalcon api oauth2
    Full phalcon rest api example with is own Oauth2 server - moved to
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    phalcon json api package
    A composer package designed to help you create a JSON:API in Phalcon

  • 182
    09 May
    Social Login Wrapper for Phalcon
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    phalcon midddleware
    04 May
    a phalcon middleware component
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    phalcon mamp
    07 Apr
    phalcon extension for mamp/mamp pro
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    phalcon blank
    22 Feb
    This is a Boilerplate application written on Phalcon 3 framework for the performance boost. This project created to develop applications in an easy way.
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    21 Jan
    RESTful API PHP skeleton/framework built on Phalcon.
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    vokuro modular
    04 Jan
    Vokuro-modular is a fork from vokuro repository with litle modif on HMVC stucture (modular)