Phalcon Framework Resources


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    High performance, full-stack PHP framework delivered as a C extension.
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    phalcon devtools
    Phalcon Developer Tools
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    Sample application for Phalcon Framework (Acl, Auth, Security)
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    phalcon debugbar
    A powerful debug and profilers tool for the Phalcon Framework
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    Powerful and flexible component for building site breadcrumbs.
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    php Mv UI
    Visual components library (jQuery, Bootstrap, Semantic-UI) for php & php MVC Frameworks

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    oauth bridge
    14 Oct
    A library focused on API Authentication for Phalcon applications.
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    29 Sep
    A Phalcon library focused on simplifying the creation of RESTful API's.
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    phalcon jwt auth php56
    24 Jun
    A simple JWT middleware for Phalcon Micro to handle stateless authentication
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    phalcon single
    09 Jun
    Starting application for the Phalcon Framework
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    09 May
    Social Login Wrapper for Phalcon
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    phalcon midddleware
    04 May
    a phalcon middleware component